The story of Hagia Sophia over 1500 years

Covers Hagia Sophia's 1500 years of history, during both Byzantine and Ottoman eras

Explains why Hagia Sophia is an architectural wonder and one of the most important buildings in the world

Special focus on Hagia Sophia's mosaics, including the spectacular mosaic of the Deesis, which is among the greatest achievements of European art

Historically accurate content, prepared by world class experts 

Stunning images and professional narration

Spectacular pictures of Hagia Sophia’s architecture, key features and mosaics

Professional narration by native speaker voice-over artists, specially edited to provide excellent audio quality

Audio, images and texts work together to immerse you in the experience of visiting Hagia Sophia like never before

Special 3D models

Exclusive 3D model presenting major changes to Hagia Sophia’s exterior since its foundation in the 6th century

See the original masterpiece and witness 1500 years of change in 90 seconds

Watch the animation "Hagia Sophia 3D"

State-of-the-art mobile application

User-friendly, robust mobile application for a great user experience

The pictures change in sync with the narration, clearly guiding you to focus on the most important details of the tour

All tours are also saved in the Cloud, so you can download them to multiple devices

Special 3D map for easy navigation

Exclusive 3D map, specially designed for intuitive navigation

25 key artifacts are clearly marked on the map for step-by-step guidance

You can move along at your own pace and follow the tour from one stop to another on this integrated map

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Tour content and maps are stored on your device; they are yours to keep even after your visit

The tour can be accessed anytime, even without an internet connection