London Christmas Lights at New Bond Street

New Bond Street in Mayfair is a relatively less-known area of London for tourists. The area is well known to Londoners and is the ultimate collection of high-end brands. However, it is usually overlooked in guides and lists about “things to do” in London. We will look at amazing pictures when the street is at its best: during Christmas time.

The lighting of the street inspired from Peacocks. At night, this creates an amazing view. It is without doubt one of the most beautifully decorated streets in London, and quite possibly in the world.

Peacock Lights at night

Peacock Lights at night

Amazing Lighting on street

Amazing Lighting on street

Peacock at its best

Peacock at its best

The street is home to ultimate collection of the most prestigious luxury brands. Window-shopping here is a true pleasure. Below is a selection of those brands and their Christmas window dressings

1. Faberge:

Most-famous for their Imperial Eggs, Faberge actually is a high-end jewellery brand ,with amazing brooches, rings, and watches (since watch is a very boring word, they are called “timepieces” of course). Price of a blue-sapphire ring, just about $19K(

Did you know they also created a new Imperial egg, first one after 99 years! (

Elegant Faberge entrance

Elegant Faberge entrance

2. Tiffany:

This is where you literally gasp. Absolutely stunning and elegant as always. Hard to imagine how a reindeer could look so beautiful, but yet it does.  In its magical  ice castle, it has charisma, character, beauty and almost perfect fit with the product range.

Tiffany ice castle

Tiffany ice castle


3. Piaget:

Another, amazingly beautiful and touching window. The whole window is designed like a skating ring, in the memory of the watchmaker meeting his future wife in 1880s. The moving ice-skating figure immediately captures attention. The products are placed in harmony with the overall display, they fit perfectly well with the mood, feeling of the display




4. Smythson:

Very beautiful, theatrical display: Gifts coming out of giant, elegant crackers!. It immediately associates the items on display as perfect options for Christmas gifts. The whole harmony of the crackers and the gift packages is just amazing. It is magic to be able to market diaries as a “fashion product”, but yet here it is done perfectly



5. Pronovias:

Exciting place for brides-to-be. Exclusive bridal sale- request appointment 😉



6. Cartier:

Why focus on dressing the windows, when you can dress the whole building! Very elegant


7. Hermes:

Very interesting decoration, looks more like a desert theme. Very beautiful, but I could not associate with the brand.




8.Dolce & Gabbana:

I must say the drum took my attention more than the suit. But just to be clear, they are not in business for music instruments, not just yet..


9.Yves St. Laurent:

Want to play slots anyone?


10.Patek Philippe:

This would be a great home watch for a certain minister in Turkey  (



I can definitely state that this brand is not expanding to any countries where Turkish is the primary language 



Sounds like it belongs to two entrepreneurs named Can & Ali.



Following Cartier’s example, another beautiful building


14. Lancashire Court:

One of the best kept secrets of the Bond street is the Lancashire Court,a small alley with good, but affordable restaurants. Mews & Mayfair Pizza Co. is highly recommended.


15. Interesting Items

a) Very beautiful Tiara:

Perfect for a princess

b) Kalashnikov:

Looks like you have one of these on your shoulder. Maybe that is the image you want to portray to scare off your competitors in the workplace


It feels like this..

It feels like this..

c) Giant lollipop


d) Moulin Noir


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